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Caring for Generations

Lillie Suite

The Lillie Suite is a suite of 11 private & 13 semi-private rooms.

The private rooms are all with en suite facilities. These rooms are situated on the top floor of the new wing of the hospital. The rooms are fully equipped and designed for the use of postnatal patients. All rooms come with a television and a tea and coffee making facility.

There are also three four-bed and one three-bed semi-private wards situated on the same floor. Meals chosen from the menu are delivered to the rooms by our catering staff. Our catering service is an award winning service of which we are very proud and provides what is generally regarded as the best hospital food in the city.

In addition to the midwives looking after you on the Lillie Suite, you will be visited by your consultant, the consultant paediatricians who will do the baby checks and also a representative of the Physiotherapy Department who will ensure that you are doing all of the correct exercises. For babies requiring phototherapy for neonatal jaundice, it is possible to provide this service in the rooms on most occasions.

In exceptional circumstances you may have to wait a short time until a Private room becomes available in The Lille Suite.

For semi-private patients the Lillie Suite contains 13 semi- private rooms. Please note: for patients availing of the new Semi-private consultant led maternity option, you will be accomodated after the birth of your baby in the semi-private rooms.

Useful Numbers:

Appointments Private 01 8742155

Appointments Semi Private 01 8740992

Private Midwives direct line 01 8289502

Semi Private Midwives direct line 01 8289507

Emergency Room 01 8730700

General enquires 01 8742115