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Caring for Generations

Patient Feedback

Tanya F
Overall I was happy with the service I received at the Private Clinic. In particular my consultant communicated clearly, was professional yet personable.
Ciara S
I am really pleased with my choice of consultant & care option. Continuity of care is important to me and my experience with my consultant has been very positive
Christine E
I found the Private Clinic to be very efficient and my previous & current experience has been fantastic, very relaxing. Staff are very friendly & professional.
Emma H
Extremely happy with all aspects of Semi Private Clinic and could not fault it in anyway.
Sharon N
Always very professional & courteous, never a long wait.
Sharon Y
My consultant has been excellent, highly professional, Kind and approachable. The reception staff have also been excellent and very professional.
Can’t find any fault with care.
Sarah D
This is my 4th Child at the Rotunda, for each and everyone, I have always found them to be amazing. I am always proud to say I have had my children at the Rotunda and would highly recommend to anyone.
Niamh M
I found my consultant to be extremely helpful, explains all and is very through at all appointments.
Mary N
Very positive experience.