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Caring for Generations


Most patients will book to see their chosen consultant at around 12 weeks gestation. At this visit a booking scan will be performed. Some women who have had complications or who have had issues early on in a previous pregnancy (i.e. ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage), may wish to make arrangements to have an early reassurance scan. This can be organised with your individual consultant.

Women who wish to avail of prenatal diagnosis as a screening test for chromosomal abnormalities can have this performed between 11 and 14 weeks gestation. Again this can be organised through your consultant.

All patients then have access to fetal anatomy scans which are performed at approximately 20 – 22 weeks gestation. Other scans are performed as necessary and as decided by your doctor or your consultant.

Where possible your scans will be carried out in the consulting rooms or for Private Patients our new state of art scanning room in the GrĂ¡inne Suite. All Patients who book for Semi Private or Semi Private Consultant Led Care will be scanned for Anatomy in the Main Hospital Ultrasound Department.