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Restoring Vaginal Health

Gyn E-Health Ireland Limited provides a novel non surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure called Thermiva.This procedure is designed to improve vaginal laxity and incontinence
The company was founded and is run by Prof. Sam Coulter-Smith and Dr. Geraldine Connolly from the Rotunda Private Clinic in Dublin.

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Take back control, Recover the feeling.

Restore your intimate health without resorting to surgery.

With many years of experience in the Gynae area a lot of women come back after childbirth dissatisfied with their degree of recovery in terms of their sex lives, vaginal laxity, mild degrees of incontinence and prolapse resulting in a major negative affect on women’s self esteem and confidence. In addition as the ageing process occurs, coming up to and into menopause vaginal dryness and loss of muscle and skin tone becomes an issue further exacerbating the changes.

Up to now the treatment choices have been very limited. We are introducing a non surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure called Thermiva. This procedure is designed to improve vaginal laxity and incontinence

Treatments are carried out in the Rotunda Private Clinic on Monday afternoons and evenings.

Professor Sam Coulter Smith

Sam Coulter-Smith - MB BCh BAO LRCPI & SI FRCOG


Geraldine Connolly

Geraldine Connolly – MRCOG


Restoring Vaginal Health

What is Thermiva & how does it work?

Thermiva is a Radio Frequency Thermal Treatment of the vaginal and vulval mucosa, to correct and restore collagen formation in the skin of the area providing both aesthetic and functional improvement in terms of strength,elasticity and hydration of the mucosa. It is a non surgical and non invasive topical treatment provided in 3 sessions over the course of 3- 4 months in an outpatient setting.

By heating the vaginal tissues using a single use vaginal probe up to certified 47°C, it encourages collagen contraction, formation of new collagen, vascularisation and growth factor infiltration which result in restoring tone and elasticity of the vaginal mucosa.

Restoring Vaginal Health

Medical (Physical) Benefits

Women who have been treated for various cancers may suffer from premature menopause resulting in significant vaginal dryness and irritation. For many due to the nature of their disease Hormone replacement may be inappropriate. Thermiva offers a safe and effective alternative to reverse some of these unwanted changes.

Many women live with minor degrees of urinary incontinence affecting their social lives and preventing them exercise. Thermiva offers a non surgical solution to this issue.

For a large number of women entering their 40’s and 50’s their general sense of well being may be adversely affected by the effects of childbirth and aging. This can affect confidence self esteem and quality of life. Thermiva offers an opportunity to revive a vital component of a woman’s intimate health and restore her confidence and well being.

Cosmetic Benefits

The loss of collagen and elasticity of the aging vulva and vagina leads to unwanted changes in the appearance of the external genitalia.

Childbirth not only results in laxity of the vaginal walls but also leads to widening of the vaginal opening and sometimes scarring of the perineum, in the long term these changes may lead to problems with vaginal prolapse.

Thermiva using RF energy encourages new collagen formation reversing these changes plumping up the labia majora and the vaginal walls rejuvenating the whole area.

Other Benefits

  • Non-surgical, non-invasive treatment.
  • Little or no discomfort – no anesthesia required.
  • No downtime.
  • Safe, tolerable treatment of both the internal and external area.
  • Convenient application performed
  • (3 sessions recommended to achieve best result).

For further information see our information leaflet here and to make an appointment please visit our website