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Caring for Generations


Private consultants fees vary depending on your chosen consultant.
Fees vary from €2500 – €3800 euro per birth.

Some consulatants offer a discount if you have attended them for a previous delivery.

PLEASE NOTE that CONSULTANT FEES are not covered by Insurance Providers and are payable by the patient. We advise patients to check what accomodation & delivery costs your health insurance cover entitles you to.

Fees Schedule

Visit Cost
1st Visit €1000.00
28 Weeks Instalment 2
34 Weeks Balance of Fees

Please note:

For those who just book an early scan, if you then book with a Rotunda Private Consultant this fee will be off set against your consultants fee.

Semi – Private Fees €1100 (payable in full at booking visit)

Please speak to our patient services manager Darina Malone if you have any concerns regarding fees.