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There are two types of referral options. Self Referral and GP Referral.

How Referrals Work

If you think that you are pregnant, the first step is to visit your GP. Your GP will confirm your pregnancy, estimate the date when your baby is due and discuss your plans for antenatal (pre-birth) care.

Also, your GP will provide you with a ‘letter of referral’ to The Rotunda Private. When you visit The Rotunda Private, you will be given details about being a private or a semi-private patient.

Alternatively, as soon as you have confirmed your pregnancy you can contact The Rotunda Private for information about being a private or semi-private patient.

Access  for Gynaecology appointments in The Rotunda Private is by GP referral only. When you call you will be offered an appointment.

Antenatal Care

Self Referral

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