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Maternity Options

As a semi-private patient of The Rotunda Private, you will enjoy the many benefits of our state-of-the-art hospital and be cared for by our team of medical professionals.

Semi-Private Maternity Care

If you choose to be a semi-private patient your care during the antenatal stage will be Consultant led with a multidisciplinary team including specialist registrars alongside a team of experienced midwives for all your visits. Whilst we make every effort, you may not see the same Consultant at each visit.

Visits will alternate with your GP under the combined care scheme and your GP will see you for your six-week postnatal check-up unless you have been requested to attend the hospital.

Maternity Care

Semi-Private Care

  • Obstetric Fee: €1,200
  • Registration and Diagnostic Fee: €100  (Ultrasound scans are performed in a Private setting-The Grainne Suite as prescribed by your doctor and is payable to the Rotunda Semi-Private Clinic at the time of the booking visit) You will also be accommodated in a Semi-private room on admission, where available*
    The following is included:
  • If you choose to be a Semi-private clinic (SPC) patient you will be seen under the supervision of an Obstetrician led team along with experienced midwives for your visits. Visits will alternate with your GP under the combined care scheme and your GP will see you for your six week postnatal check-up unless you have been requested to attend the hospital.
  • Shared Care Package
  • Consultant Led Semi-Private Package
  • Online virtual parent education programme is available at no charge. Our Parent Education programme encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach with inclusion of antenatal education midwife specialists, physiotherapists, the medical social work department and mental health support midwives
  • Online virtual hypnobirthing classes available (at additional charge)
  • Complimentary online breastfeeding classes available
  • Ultrasound scans in Private setting- Grainne Suite as prescribed by your doctor
  • All Rotunda blood tests requested by your doctor
  • Regular visits and telephone access to semi-private clinic midwives. Voicemails will be returned as soon as possible. If your query is urgent please contact the Emergency and Assessment Unit on 01 817 1700.
  • The Delivery Suite Midwives will care for you and the Consultant / Senior Registrar on call that day will oversee your care at time of Delivery
  • Semi-Private room after delivery*For More Information, To Book in please contact by
    Phone: 01 874 0992

Patient Charges

Patient Charges

Patient Accounts Office,

Rotunda Hospital.

Open Monday – Friday 08.30 am – 16.30 pm

Phone: 01 817 1763 or 01 817 1764

Health Insurance

Please confirm with your health insurance company that you hold an adequate level of cover for your treatment and accommodation. It is important to note that there is a 52-week waiting period applied by all insurers before you will be covered by them for maternity services.

If you choose to be a semi-private patient, you are liable for all costs associated with your maternity care.

It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company to ensure you are fully covered for your hospital stay in a multi-occupancy semi-private room.

Care Options

If you choose to be a private or semi-private patient, you are liable for all costs associated with your maternity care at The Rotunda Private.

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that you will be offered accommodation of your choice during your stay.

Private Medical Insurance Information for Maternity Patients

Click to see a number of questions for your insurer that we have prepared that may help clarify your Maternity cover.  It is important that you use this guide as you will be billed personally for any outstanding costs not covered by your insurer.

Accommodation Rates

Accommodation rates may increase on 1st January of each year and there is also a possible yearly increase in medical fees on the 1st July. The price charged will be applicable to the rate at time of admission.

In addition, delivery, anaesthetic, pathology and radiology consultant fees will be payable where applicable. Most policies will cover these fees but again we would advise confirming cover with your insurer.

Important note regarding your admission to hospital as a semi-private patient.

Health insurance companies cover a three night stay or five nights for caesarean section. If it is medically necessary for you to stay longer than that should be covered, although you will need to check what accommodation would be covered by your insurer.

After the birth of your baby whatever method you choose, don’t forget that you can add your baby to your policy straight away.


Insurance Forms

For your convenience please download and complete the insurance forms prior to arriving at The Rotunda Private for your care. If you have no health insurance (cash payer) and you are paying for a semi-private package, you must pay for 2 nights’ Semi-Private accommodation in advance of your admission for the birth of your baby. Other fees will also be charged. For further information about the fees and for any other queries, please contact: patient accounts department by phoning 01 – 817 1763 or 817 1764. Payment of all bills is due in full, on discharge from hospital.

Download Insurance Form
The Rotunda Private operates a direct payment scheme with the following private insurance companies.